A Wealth of Women Ghana 
The Bridget Kyerematen-Darko Division

A Wealth of Women Academy (AWOWA) is an NGO with the mission to deliver systematic programs including workforce development, health education, life skills, and self-development empowerment strategies for young girls and women in Ghana. Under the Academy, there are four areas of focus and initiatives:

AWOWA Workforce Development Center for Women

The center is focused on delivering workforce development training in high demand industries that secure sustainable wages and work. The workforce center will launch a training program for women in renewable energy. During the 12 month program, 80 women will be trained as Certified Solar Installers. The center will also provide life skills training. The center will house a Solar store distributing solar supplies to local businesses and villages.

AWOWA Mobile Academy

The Mobile Academy sends trained facilitators to local lower and upper secondary school girls. The curriculum used for the program is called “Confident Gurl.” The AWOW Mobile Academy educates, promotes spiritual renewal, empowers and inspires young women by raising awareness, developing communication skills and cultivating confidence and self-respect.

AWOWA Transitional Empowerment

Tailored exclusively for women 50 and over, the program provides initiatives to meet the needs of older women. These services include transition strategies to maintain maximized health and wellness, participation in meaningful work, financial security, and social engagement.

AWOWA Health Education

The initiative delivers wellness services including blood pressure and diabetes screening by a registered nurse and referrals to physicians in the local rural areas of Ghana.

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